Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Custom Qees for Charity

Update 01.07.08

OK! So this Custom Qee is SOLD now. And since the show is coming to a close I've made the photo flickr album public and I'm posting a couple pics here to see also.

Sorry it's so last minute! It was for me too, I had to do a real rush job on my little 7" Baby Devil Qee, but I couldnt be happier about participating or about how the it turned out. It's called "She did it!". I'm posting a little preview here for you. After the opening, I will make the flickr album public so be sure to check back there - www.flickr.com/photos/kdenato

ArtWhino Gallery - The Mason Jar and Kickballers Present: “Say Whaaat!” - Qee 4 All Show!

Opening December 13
Exhibit December 18-25
Located on 717 N. Saint Asaph St. in Alexandria VA.

The Mason Jar and Kickballers present Washington D.C.’s first exhibit/charity auction to feature artwork on toys. The exhibit is called “Say Whaaat!” and will be on display from December 18th – January 25.

All of the customized toys by participating artists will be auctioned on eBay in order to generate proceeds for charity and to benefit the Capital Area Food Bank. The artist lineup for the “Say Whaaat!” exhibit now exceeds 100 artists & there will be more than 150 customized toys; all contributing positively to a charity, which focuses on feeding the needy.

Here's the flyer for you -

Info link - http://www.qee4all.com/2007/12/say-whaaat-art-exhibit-featuring-qees.html

Friday, November 02, 2007

kaNO - MyPlasticHeart - MoneyGrip custom!!!

Ok so I'm going to have the honor of trying my hand at another custom this year! It's of kaNO's MoneyGrip 5" vinyl toy yay! I think the show will hit sometime in January at the awesome My Plastic Heart on Forsyth in NY (same place that hosted the ATTACK of the ZLIK show) . I'll be posting sketches and materials but once again the final pics will have to wait til after the show - nobody likes a spoiler!!!

this is an image of the blank toy that I get to play with - isn't it fun?

oh and in case you forgot - this is a pic of the Zlik :)

Thursday, November 01, 2007


Well it's been TOO long....(again!!)

I've been busy these days sewing more than painting as of late and I'm gonna share here some of what I've been working on . I've got a bird, a funny bean, a jumping bean, and a fish (all from the Nanni Nanni and Boo Boo - No Punch Backs comics), a yummy-ghostie-bunny doll, and of course the old favs-voodoo plushies. So...here goes it!

for those of you unfamiliar with the comics this is BooBoo and his soon-to-be-lost-love, the little mexican jumping bean beauty to remain nameless....

and once again from the comic - this is Nanni Nanni the burd and his lovely unrequited fishy lovin goodness, too sad of a tale to tell now, but they look happy here dont they?!

this is the Yummy Ghostie Bunny - I made some badges of him back in 2002ish and then decided to sew him a bit later. He was tough to make so for now he's a lonely one of a kind.

Voodoos to go! I think most of these have a buyer right now so this might be the last we see of them :(

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Too Art 4 TV Too - Pics from the show

Hey! The show was a great time and (i think) a complete success! I met a couple of great artists there and got to see some old friends. The work was terrific and so was the turn out. Here's a taste of the show pics, if you'd like to see more go to my flickr photo set HERE

Full house - pretty awesome

Chris George - who helped me sand spackle a few days before the show - awesome work. I LOVE the Danger Club girls painting. Great sense of humour.

Jared Deal's work. A crowd pleaser. I'm loving the plush!

Hey - CORRECTION! I originally thought this piece was one of Dagan Moriarty's but turns out it is by a one Tim Shankweilers. Kano sent me that correction. Thanks so much for the heads up! It's a great piece.

:( - not sure who's these were but I really liked them.

Thank you, thank you, thank you to all of you who showed up and showed support - xo

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

TOO ART 4 TV - MAY 4th!!!! (in case you forgot)

May 4th is THIS Friday Fools!@$%.

All the info is below and in the flyer below and a previous post AND on this website - www.myspace.com/tooart4tv or this website - http://bunnycutlet.com/exhibition.html
Stay Gold Gallery - Brooklyn NY 451 Grand St - 7-9pm, afterparty at BARCADE.

My Jersey Devil - Tillies paintings will be there plus TONs of other great stuff. BE THERE!!!


MyPlasticHeart - Zlik Show!

Hello and thanks to the peeps who came the the ATTACK of the 19"Zliks SHOW!!! It was very fun and very crowded. Zliks wanna party too. You can see pics from the show HERE and on tons of blogs all over the place.

You can see pics of the Zlik I made called the Shaman HERE
andif you are interested in seeing the process from start to finish go HERE !

(all white with him parts stucked on...)

and you can BUY ZLIKS HERE !!!!

Wednesday, April 18, 2007


So either you're here by sheer accident or you've been spammed by me in the past 24 hours. Sorry for not updating the blog BEFORE doing the promotions - I've never been much good with the linear thinking...ANYWAY - here's a double dose, the flyers with the info again. Also below I've posted a sneak peek at my Zlik design for Friday April 20th at MyPlasticHeart. I'll post images of the whole thing after the opening - don't want to spoil the suprise!

The MyPlasticHeart store is an awesome little spot off of Houston in New York. It's VERY SMALL. For those of you who hope to attend be aware that it's a tiny space and that most of the room is for the Zliks!! If you suffer from a little claustrophobia, feel free to visit on a non-opening day! There's plenty of other great toys there to gawk at.

And here's the Zlik peek-a-boo....

and he comes with...da da DAAAAAA......GHOSTIEWERMS! plus lots of other fun stuff :)

Monday, March 19, 2007

Attack of the Zliks!!!

(update 03.29.07)

MORE sketches!! Still no real commitment to a design. Just making parts, We'll se what fits. Time is running out.....

(update 03.20.07)

Now for some sketch ideas and fabric scans!

First we have the Bigfoot/Yeti/Krampus of sorts. In this version I've left the face of the original Zliks pretty much unaltered. I'll create textures with paint and kneadatite as I build it. He's got 4 arms( 1 nub) and a peg-leg. He's eating and carrying some voodoo plushies. He's also got an exposed bottom. I am hoping to be able to make his fur body removable and planning to paint it's underneath with nudie goodness, all pink and stubbley. Below is a front, back, side sketch and some scans of possible fabrics.

Next sketch is the good ol' voodoo queen. I still love the concept of her and she definitely manipulates the original form of the Zlik more. The Zlik's eyes become buns in her hair, the tush becomes her bosom. Not sure I want to go this route since I already have several paintings and drawings of the queen, but she is SO much fun to make and recreate in different forms and mediums. I haven't purchased any supplies for this one as of yet so I've just included the drawings here....


(more picks on my flickr account - HERE)

This is what I'll be (pre)occupied with for the next month. I have some finishing touches to my Jersey Devil - Tillies paintings for the tooart4tv show but other than that it's Zliks, Zliks, and more Zliks I went materials shopping this past weekend at a HUGE fabric store and I'm looking forward to pimping out my Zlik. I'll be posting sketches and stages of development so if anyone is out there - stay tuned...

The show is a display of 20+ artists take on Andrew Bell's 19" Zliks. The opening is April 20th at MyPlasticHeart- 210 Forsyth NY NY check the flyer for info on what other artists will be participating.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Meet Cubes - HOT CURRY!

So part of what's been keeping me busy and off Mojizu and my blog was a little sewing project I picked up for Andrew Bell. Now I'm not putting all the blame on him but...well...otherwise I just have to blame myself and that gets a little depressing! Anyway, the product is about 50 plushy depictions or orange and yellow curry meat cubes - yay! I did a little photoshoot with the first 40 or so before I handed them off to Andrew. Sorry all these little guys are SOLD OUT! But I am working on a third set for Andrew which he might sell from his site www.creaturesinmyhead.com. So check it out! In the meantime enjoy these pics of cutie patootie plush meats...HERE

Friday, March 09, 2007

Gimme Shelter Show

Update 03.14.07

Here we go! I found some pics of my stoof on the wall (not that you cant just check out my previous post but this makes it more official) I've also posted some of the pics I took at the show on flickr for all to see :) Check HERE

(I tried to adjust this a little in ol' photoshop. The gallery was well lit for art, not so much for pics!)

So I'm finally posting again. Clearly I'm not terribly good at keeping this current but I'll do my best. The first post on here was about some works created on cardboard for a show called Gimme Shelter, meant to raise money through auction for homeless shelters.

There are pics posted on their site from the Brooklyn show - to see click HERE

Below are some of my own pics. Thanks to Andrew Bell for hanging my work so nicely and all together - aww.... Uhm except that I dont have pics of my own stuff hanging! I'll have to put that up (pretty embaressing.....)

Thank you Dan and Sonya and Ben (who is outta frame) for coming and showing your support!

Monday, January 08, 2007

Remeber these Water Towers?.....

I was taking a stab at painting the water tower designs from earlier. I might post these to Mojizu (it's been a loooooong while...) Or I might paint a background on it and submit it to the Small Works show this weekend - who knows! Anyway - here it is!

(Be sure to click me! I get bigger :)