Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Hellogiggles & Gallery 1988

Gallery1988 Melrose & Hellogiggles present YOUNG ADULT ! Opening Saturday, Feb 2 at Gallery 1988 Melrose located at 7020 Melrose Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90038 sooo if you are in the hood - Take a peek! These things are better in person I SWEARS! (I also have a piece in the iam8bit  Plush Week show opening the same night! See my previous post for details) 

I chose to work with Sweet Valley High - below is the image! That's right - to hell with sneak peeks.  This is the whole damn thing.  I hope you like it :)

Sweet Valley Ink - 8 x 10 in Acrylic on Wood Panel

If you want a little insight on it - READ THE BOOKS.  I am totally kidding.  I based this on the first 3 books where we just get to know the twins - one sweet and wholesome, the other impulsive, selfish, and naughty.  Jessica, the bad girl, is infatuated with a do-no-gooder spoiled rich boy named "Bruce".  Oh the teen drama of it all.  So what does any no-good girl do when she is desperately in love? That's right - get a TATTOO. Ribbons, roses, bows, and tiaras - oh my!

Plush Week

Plush Week is presented by iam8bit LA - In the words of the iam8bit curator :

"PLUSH WEEK is a celebration of all sorts of orphaned, one-of-a-kind creatures constructed and sewn of soft stuff. Everything is ABSOLUTELY hand-made, and no two characters are alike.  PLUSH WEEK is founded on the principles of ragtag — meaning that every stuffed piece in the gallery has its own personality, perspective and unique talents. Each creature hangs on our wall, and we invite anyone perusing to invent their own stories to attach to this oddball lot of mismatched whatsits." 

The iam8bit gallery is located at 2147 West Sunset Blvd Los Angeles, CA 90026 so if you are in LA on Saturday... go visit! (I will also have a piece at the Gallery1988 Melrose Hellogiggles show! More info on my next post)

"Crybaby" - felted fella in 8 x 10 in wooden shadow box

("Crybaby" - interior view)

(Plush Week - iam8bit flyer )

Thursday, January 03, 2013

2013 Overview of Things to Come!

        The end of 2012 was a whirlwind! NYCC, lots of shows, lots of art, and tons of wonderful people.  I am optimistically looking forward to more of the same for 2013. It all starts with Hellogiggles at Gallery 1988 LA opening February 1.  I'll post WIPs of that piece as I get farther along with it.  It's due SOON O_O I am also (tentatively) considering the Plush Week show for LA on Feb 2 but I haven't committed to that just yet because of it's unfortunate timing :(
        Most importantly, April 12th 2013 will be my first solo show - yay! It will be at the brand new BunnyCutlet Gallery space in Brooklyn, NY. I'm extremely excited to produce this show and work with this gallery.  It's gonna be a BZZY next couple of months - So I won't be seeing most of you 'til the blooms start a'bloomin'.
        In the meantime I will be posting brainstorms and drawings and works in progress as much as possible to keep you in the loop. AND, since I haven't posted since before the Fall Into Frost show at My Plastic Heart back in November,  I posted flickr albums of all the work from that show and from the November 9th 2012 Too Art for TV 6 show so please go peruse and enjoy!

I hope you guys will join me for all this over these next few months
Hearts & Farts Forevah

Reach for the Sky!