Saturday, January 21, 2012

My Plastic Heart Presents - New Moon : Interpretations of the Chinese Zodiac 2012

New Moon opening @ My Plastic Heart NYC was last night! It was a great turnout with lots of lovely and familiar faces :) The people associated with that place are just some of the greatest - it's always a good time. You can read a little Q & A between myself and the MPH blogger about my New Moon work here: Below are the images of my pieces that are in the exhibit. (Eventually I might post a few pics from the opening itself we'll see...) For now I hope you enjoy these! Thanks for the support while I was preparing for this show. Get ready to do the same for my show with Andrew Bell at Stranger Factory in NM this April!

Horse & Dragon - 13 x 18 in Acrylic on Wood Panel

Year of the Horse - Fire 5 x 7 inches Acrylic & Ink on Paper

Year of the Horse - Water 5 x 7 inches Acrylic & Ink on Paper

Year of the Horse - Earth 5 x 7 inches Acrylic & Ink on Paper

Year of the Horse - Wood 5 x 7 inches Origami Paper & Balsa Wood

Year of the Horse - Wood 5 x 7 inches Colored Tin (Tough to get an image of this lil' reflective guy)

Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Another WIP pic of the Horse & Dragon for "New Moon"!

Just another sneak look at this piece - it's starting to come along... Dragon tails!

Monster Coat

Appropriate for today I think since it's BITTER cold in NYC! Hope this coat will keep you warm and float you home xo

Tuesday, January 03, 2012

"New Moon" Year of the Horse WIP!!!

Here's a little WIP teaser for the "New Moon" Horse and Dragon painting! I was trying to use some traditional Chinese colors for my palette on this one and, boy, they are giving me a hard time! They also came out a little dark in this scan here hmmm... Anyway, It's entirely possible I will attempt to rework this before the show but since time is short... what you see it most likely what you'll get! I posted some reference images I've been working with below the WIP image so you get the idear ;)

Reference images: