Saturday, October 12, 2013

Android Custom "Tree Swing" NYCC 2012

I realized that I didn't have much of this little guy in the last post so I wanted to rectify that - I didn't really get a lot of choice shots of this fella but there really is a lot to see! So here are some shots of all the bits and pieces that make up that sculpture - enjoy :)

This is the finished piece in the dome from the last post


Happy swinging flannel Android

Android squirrel!

I water colored both sides of sheets of pale tinted paper with fall colors, then stamped out several sizes of leaf shapes, then spritzed the cut pieces with water and rolled them in my hands to make them twist and curl like dead leaves.  Each leaf was then individually adhered to the branches.

Android feets! Jus' swinging, nbd.

Oh yeah! I almost forgot - to other possibilities instead of the wood swing was a tire swing (SO cute but the item came too late) or a kite to be tangled in the tree and for him to dangle from.  I made the kite with a wax and tissue decoupage  .  Both cute ideas I think but the swing won over through simplicity!

A scaled model tractor tire - would have been so adorable but arrived in the mail a day late.  Next time!

Friday, October 11, 2013

NYCC 2013 - Custom Vinyl

A quick overview! 5 custom vinyl toys for the good folks at My Plastic Heart for NYCC 2013
Here's a mix of some final shots and a making of peek! Enjoy :)

Photo by My Plastic Heart at the NYCC Booth

Android Tree Swing - "Swing Low"

Munny custom -"Tiiimmber"


Raffy Custom - "Fallsies"

Raffy Custom 2 - "Brantlers"

Android custom - "Honey Bee"


And now for some MAKING OF! 

Welcome little toys
These guys were pretty excited about this part of the process
Sketch sketch... It all starts here, brainstorms

Finding solutions! I knew I needed a LOT of leaves for my concepts and had very little time to make them.  I found some old tooling aluminum from a previous project and made my own "cookie cutters"! They weren't perfect but they worked great in a pinch
Some tiny sculpts - accessories and antlers
The Boneyard! All piece sculpted and primered and ready for paint

Getting set up to paint - Yay color!


That's all for now, thanks for looking! Go see the originals at NYCC :D

Wednesday, October 09, 2013

My Life as an Artist as Rocky Balboa

At first a new project or opportunity arises - yay!

"Woo hoo I'm gonna do ALL THIS STUFF!"

Then - reality sets in.

"Oh sh*t. Perhaps I've over committed..."

Go to the mattresses.

"Well, let's get to it.  I didn't get all greased up for nothing"

And then - take the beating of your life.


Alakazam wuuh? Yay again!?...

 Yes YAY!

"Duhn nuuh nuuuuuh duhn nuh nuuuuh dunuhduuunduhduhnuaaa da ddaaaaaaaa dadadadaaaaaa!"

Yup folks, that about sums it up.  Sometimes making art is just walking into a ring to take a monumental beating. Either way, just gotta keep at it. And who knows, maybe someday I'll get to buy my kid a robot.  The end.