Wednesday, July 08, 2015

Bedtime Stories

Bedtime Stories – A Custom Bedtime Bunnies Exhibition

Update! Final images and process pics

"Sail Away from Me"
"I will become the wind and blow you where I want you to go." -Mother Rabbit from Runaway Bunny

Rear view

Detail: Check out that bun's buns :) Glitter tail!

Brainstorming doodles

More brainstorming doodles!
Wala! A cloud

Off with his head!

Indecisive so I tried to make both concepts

Hated it :(
Muuuuuuuuch better

Kite bows - SO tiny!

Ready for your close up?

 Show opened Saturday,  July 11th
"Myplasticheart and Peter Kato are proud to present Bedtime Stories, the first custom exhibition of Bedtime Bunnies, an original character created and designed by Peter Kato. This exhibition will debut a 4.5 inch version of the character made specifically for the exhibition.  Showcasing the work of over 30 artists exploring the theme of bedtime stories, we invite them to revisit some of their favorite classic fairytales..."

* Teaser image *

The Flyer! Look at all dem artist names O_O


Tiny Trifecta 2015

The Cotton Candy Machine presents the annual Tiny Trifecta!
Brooklyn, NY June 6, 2015

This show is absolutely loaded with incredible names in exhibiting artists, each presenting 3 small works for only $100! You can imagine the appeal. Here is my contribution to the exhibit (along with some totally boring process stuff ;))

Pictures of You 5 x 5 in Acrylic on Wood Panel

Hold Me 4 x 4 in Acrylic on Wood Panel

Nowhere To Go But Down 4 x 4 in Acrylic on Wood Panel



Color tests

Color layouts