Thursday, October 25, 2012

Scarygirl 10th Anniverary Show, Toy Tokyo NYC

My contribution to Nathan Jurevicius Scarygirl 10th Anniversary show at Toy Tokyo NYC - opening Oct 31st.

Just what is under that little eyepatch young lady...

Acrylic on Wood Panel approx 12 x 12 in

Some digital color studies before I start painting

The sketch

Monday, October 22, 2012

G1988 Video Game Themed Show

Last time for for G1988 's Video Game Theme Show I did "Dig Dug on the Mountain" seen here 
This year it's a little sculpt called "Kirby Unravels" !!

Below are some comps of Kirby's development - sketches and work in progress as well as a sneak peek at the final piece!  I'll post the  comp of the finished piece after the show opens on October 26th - in the meantime...

Sneak peek -"Kirby Unravels"

Sculpt beginnings - things change and evolve as you work.  So much different in 3D than 2D so you have to modify and adjust as you go.  Eventually I dropped the peeler tool entirely and the puking turned to tears.

Brain storming - from peeling to puking to a little bit of both!

Wednesday, October 17, 2012



My Pandroid APs go on sale from my shop TOMORROW! Thursday October 18th 3pm EST/12pm Pacific.  Remember, I only have 10 so get on it!

(Previous post:)

Because of the amount of info and images I'm about to post about the Pandroid AP's, I've decided to make it a separate blog entry from the NYCC entry.  For information regarding NYCC please visit the previous post. Basic information - 15-20 these will be available at the My Plastic Heart booth at NYCC. The rest will be available online in my soon-to-be bigcartel shop. Prices and details soon. There are ONLY 30 total so.. yeah. These will be blind box! Don't know what yer gonna get and not tellin' :P There are 15 with Jugs of Wine & Grapes, 8 with Pink Wabbits, and 7 with Purple Wabbits - Good luck!

My Pearly Pandroid Army!!! Armed with Pink and Purple Wabbits with Flocked Tails and Jugs of Wine with Handmade Glass Grapes - Look out world...

Pearly Pandroid! I've coated each of the AP's with a nice opalescent shimmer - he is a magical beast afterall


Everybodyalltogether - jugs up front!

Bunnies will be available in two variations - White & Pink or White & Purple (pictured here)

Pearly Pandroid AP with White & Pink Bunny

Pearly Pandroid AP with White & Purple Bunny

Pearly Pandroid with Jug of Wine & Bunch of Grapes! Yum...

The White & Pink Bunny has a lil' hand flocked pink tail

The White & Pink Bunny has a lil' hand flocked purple tail

This is the flower on each bunnies little island of sod

Jug of Wine & Bunch of Grapes! I hand-painted and glazed the jugs to look like stonewear and hand made each teeny tiny bunch of grapes! Painstaking process but I really like the results.  I believe these glass microbeads (also known as "glass caviar - ooo) will be appearing in my work again in the near future....

Nice shot to give you an idea of scale - tiny!

Making of - GRAPES!

Monday, October 15, 2012

Shop is Open!

Check it out guys! Nothing fancy but still - pretty exciting :) Currently available are my Super Hero inspired prints created for NYCC 2012.  They are 8x10 Giclee's on lovely archival velvet paper. Get ya some :P Also coming soon a limited selection of my "Pandroid" Android Series 3 Artist Proofs! Feel free to hit me up about anything you might like to see up there.

One of my favs in the print set and in all of comic bookdom - Hellboy!

Sunday, October 14, 2012

NYCC 2012 Oct 11-14th

Hey guys! NYCC is over and DONE!! What an awesome and exhausting weekend :P I met so many great people - artists and fans alike and had such an incredible time.  During my time at the Art Whino booth I was live painting - I didn't finish before the end of the con but I feel like I made some good progress and can't wait to see this thing through to completion! (WIP shots below - hooray! Apologies in advance for the terrible quality of the images)  I'm also posting some shots from the booth itself and general NYCC 2012 happyfungoodtimes :)

A little detail of my NoseferBATu/Batgirl work in progress from the live painting at Art Whino

WIP full shot - this is really early to be showing this.  It's gonna go through tons of changes before it's done!

Tea anyone? >chomp<

Trimming Hellboy prints for NYCC! Now for sale on my site

Check out this line-up! Way to go Art Whino

Nice shot of the booth - Woes had finished all those paintings before I even got there on the first day.  The man's a machine!

Shane of Art Whino and Woes at the booth - the calm before the storm...
WORK (At the booth with Lou Pimentel & Jryu Jess)
WORK (Photo by Aaron Woes)

PLAY!!!!! (photo by Annie Tao)

My Pandroid at My Plastic Heart's booth!  He's in some seriously good Shawnimals company :)

Yes. This happened.  It's tough to tell from a pic but we had a huge impromptu Gangnam style dance party erupt in front of the booth late Friday - it was UHmazeballz!~ See the video Lou Pimentel took here I am STILL not over it haha

Also these are just a few pics of the breakdance battles that randomly started in front of the booth.  Props to our DJs for really bringing the party!

LIVE PAINTING! With Kano, Jeremiah Ketner, and Aaron Woes - all of these sold! Congrats to the Artists and to Art Whino

NYCC is closing in! I've been so busy preparing I haven't had much of a chance to update lately! First - DETAILS! I'll be at the Art Whino booth #3212 (i am pretty sure...) most of the time doing live painting with an awesome group of folks! And also doing a signing there on Saturday at 1pm.  If you miss that dont fret! I'll be at booth My Plastic Heart  #3313 doing signings there as well! (@2pm Saturday during Andrew Bell's singing hour) My Plastic Heart will have a LIMITED number of my Android Series 3 - Pandroid APs with an exclusive print and companion mini sculpt! The work in progress shots and print image are below.  You'll be able to choose a wine jug or a bunny (15 of each total) :)

Meet the Pandroid! Android Series 3 from DYZPlastic and designed by moi :) Look at his cute lil flute

Master sculpts for the Pandroids companions - the finals will vary slightly

Close up of a bunny sans ears

bunny and jug army! look out!
The Pandroid Print! Printed on lovely velvet finish paper - 8 x 10 format

NYCC 2012 is just around the corner folks - October 11-14th! I'll be participating in Art Whino's booth for the entire weekend with a lil visit to My Plastic Heart's  booth - it's exciting!

My Plastic Heart's booth will be host to tons of great designer toys and artists signings.  I'll be there with some of my Android Vinyl Toys Series 3s & exclusive companion prints (I can show you all this after the public release September 24th so be on the lookout)

Art Whino booth includes: Adrian Viajero Roman, Angry Woebots, Ekundayo, J★RYU, Jeremiah Ketner, Josh Taylor, Lamour Supreme, kaNO, and Lou Pimentel - the dudes I know are some seriously fantastic dudes :) And the ones I don't know I'm sure are pretty special too. One thing for sure is they are all supremely talented! We will all be LIVE PAINTING (I'm terrified) at the booth and doing signings throughout the weekend.  Booth #'s and signing times I'll post as soon as I get them.

I've posted some of these sketches on instagram/twitter but here they are san's ig filters and pre-color.  Most are painted and ready to go but I haven't decided which will be made into prints for the con.  Maybe all of them?? How to decide...

Hellboy at Home - knitwit

Mary Jane's Little Ankle Biter

Ivy ala Ozzy

Wonder Woman - "My Work Here is Done"