Sunday, May 19, 2013

Chasing Rainbows - Post Show Update

This painting here is a favorite of mine (though scarcely mentioned by the folks at the show - I just never know what people are going to like!) It's called "Tangled Up in You" from the Chasing Rainbows exhibit at Bunnycutlet Gallery.  The show opened on May 3rd with great success - lots of wonderful faces turned out and lots of my little orphan art babies found new homes 
There are still some lovely pieces left :) For info on those visit (I also made a small set on my flickr )

I had an amazing time creating this exhibit.  My first solo exhibit, my first opportunity to delve into a theme and to develop a language to communicate it.  I created somewhere around 50 unique pieces and what was really wonderful was that,  even though at first I was very concerned about whether or not I'd be able to come up with enough work to really round-out a show on my own, but by the end, I was more concerned that I wouldn't have enough time to complete all the work I'd come up with! The more involved I got, the more there was to explore.  It was already a concept near and dear to my heart and now that I feel I can effectively communicate it, I will be revisiting this theme and this imagery very soon.

Next up, My Plastic Heart guest curates at Bunnycutlet Gallery! I'll be participating in the show along with 14 other awesome heavy hitters - I'm excited to be a part of it and to get back to work. It's already been a couple weeks since I painted - GASP!