Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Buhbye Pewpewpew!

"pew! pew! pew!" All framed up and ready to go to their new home :) These guys are pretty excited about that

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Xmas in Love

I just had to do at least one xmas piece!

Ivory Monster

la dee doo dee da la la laaaa....

Monday, December 19, 2011

"New Moon" Year of the Horse Brainstorm - New Approach

Just trying something different here. Was reading up on the Horse and it's relation to other animals on the Chinese Zodiac. Apparently Horse and Dragon have 4Star Passion! So of course I had to dabble with that. I've also started some treatments for Horse with it's BFF's Tiger and Dog -some cute things happening there. I'll show you soon.

First things first - Horse and Dragon!

(sorry for the lousy image - iphone snapshot. I'll try to get a proper scan later)

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Hmmm... Does this shoe remind you of anything???

I hope whoever "aquired" my custom skatedeck is skating it in these shoes...

(img from http://think.bigchief.it/wp-content/files/2008/07/1401.jpg )

(img from http://www.flickr.com/photos/kdenato/sets/72157605536276544/

"Excuse me Miss, more sugar pleasethankyou."

Monday, December 12, 2011

"New Moon" Year of the Horse Brainstorm (cont'd)

A few more drawings for the Year of the Horse - I've had the most fun drawing the Fire Horse but, as a painting, I have much higher expectations for Earth Horse...

Promise to switch it up tomorrow with some non-equine drawings ;D

Earth Horse - trying out some legs and a grin

Love these as drawings but suspect they may lose their dynamism in a painting...

Plain old GhostyPonies :)

Just needed to break up the monotony and work outside my "style". Sometimes I find it helps freshen the approach

"New Moon" Year of the Horse Brainstorm

So I've been drawing my face off trying to find an angle to approach Year of the Horse for My Plastic Heart's "New Moon" show in January. Time is limited but the more I draw the more I realize I'll most likely be doing more than one piece. I'm thinking a sculpt, a painting, and a few drawings (all small - the shop is small and there will be lots of other artists). I'm sure my eyes are bigger than my stomach on this (that makes no sense) but I can't help myself. I'm a workhorse.

A little background on these sketches - research for Year of the Horse revealed that there are 5 parts to being a Horse. 5 elements each with unique traits - water, fire, earth, metal, wood. So most of this brainstorm sesh was just about visualizing the elements and finding a visual language to convey the unique traits in each Horse. The drawings are super straightforward but hopefully fun and I think a good start.

Earth Horse had this trait about being able to see all sides of something. Got me thinking of facets, then of diamonds - so Earth Horse is diamond eyes.


This guy doesn't really work for me at all but I thought the drawing was kinda hilarious. He's falling apart but super happy about it.

This Water Horse drawing is my least favorite so far. I am just sure I can come up with a more sophisticated caricature than this but I do like the spontaneity of the swirling water so there is still something salvageable here.


Thursday, December 01, 2011

"downtime" doodling - while i procrastinate for other shows...

I'm gearing up to finalize a design for the Android Series 3 vinyl toys ( see Series 2 here: http://shop.deadzebra.com/products/Android-Mini-Series-02.html) , putting together a piece or two for the My Plastic Heart "New Moon" show coming up in January (as it gets closer to the date you'll be able to find out more here http://www.myplasticheart.com/c/EXHIBITS/Exhibits.html ), and then I'll be working my tail off for my joint show with the awesome Andrew Bell at Stranger Factory coming 2012! Bzzy! I'll be posting about those as I get around to them but in the meantime - here's a little selection of doodles pulled from my sketchbooks. Yay!

"pew! pew! pew!"

"I am licking your face."
"NO. I am licking YOUR face!"

"i feel fat today..."

"anything you can do, i can do better."

"Float away with me."