Thursday, September 14, 2006

Jersey Devil - Tillie's Hodge Podge

(update 10.26.2006)

Embaressingly enough, it's been a month since my last post! Ack. Hopefully some of you out there are still stopping by. This is the second Jersey Devil-Tillie painting installment. For this one, I went with a black devil, since he is usually, by definition, the absence of everything good/light. The highlights on his skin are a forest green. I'm describing that because these photos of the painting are really, really weak. I used a nice gloss medium over the devil - makes him look thick and oily in person but it creates a terrible glare when trying to photograph it. In the details you'll see an orange glow on his face and body but that's not painted there - it's from the sunrise outside while I was photographing. I'll try to get more professional shots of it but for now just the angle shot of the whole piece was glare-free. Thanks for looking!


That's all for now. For those of you familiar with my Mojizu stuff - the ghostie worms are in this painting! Sans-ghosties and sans-eyeballs. Go figure :)

(update 9.26.2006)

I've started the painting for the first Jersey Devil sketch. It's about
20 X 20 acrylic on wood. I don't feel that it's finished but I defintely need to give my eyes a break from it. Instead I'll burden yours :)
(is it me or is the one of the worst quality photos ever? good thing i don't want to be a photographer when i grow up....)

(previous post)

So there's a debate about whether the weird vaudevillian grinning face and parted hair belong to Asbury Park, NJ or Coney Island, Brooklyn. I'm not really trying to say one way or the other. All I know is a while back I got commissioned to do a Jersey themed painting. They wanted to include the Jersey Devil and Tillie's face. So I got to it - I've never completed a painting for this but I hope to. I might try to submit to the bunnycutlet animator show who knows. I got kind of obsessed with the face as a mask so I sort of threw it on everybody, kids and devils alike. I also threw in pine trees and cones in some of the backgrounds. Most folks from Jersey and Pennsylvania and most people that have driven' the straight away to visit the Jersey shore are familiar with the Pine Barrens and the creepiest trees ever protected by the EPA - scrubby pines. Anyway I thought I'd post these sketches and hopefully someday the paintings.

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