Thursday, January 03, 2013

2013 Overview of Things to Come!

        The end of 2012 was a whirlwind! NYCC, lots of shows, lots of art, and tons of wonderful people.  I am optimistically looking forward to more of the same for 2013. It all starts with Hellogiggles at Gallery 1988 LA opening February 1.  I'll post WIPs of that piece as I get farther along with it.  It's due SOON O_O I am also (tentatively) considering the Plush Week show for LA on Feb 2 but I haven't committed to that just yet because of it's unfortunate timing :(
        Most importantly, April 12th 2013 will be my first solo show - yay! It will be at the brand new BunnyCutlet Gallery space in Brooklyn, NY. I'm extremely excited to produce this show and work with this gallery.  It's gonna be a BZZY next couple of months - So I won't be seeing most of you 'til the blooms start a'bloomin'.
        In the meantime I will be posting brainstorms and drawings and works in progress as much as possible to keep you in the loop. AND, since I haven't posted since before the Fall Into Frost show at My Plastic Heart back in November,  I posted flickr albums of all the work from that show and from the November 9th 2012 Too Art for TV 6 show so please go peruse and enjoy!

I hope you guys will join me for all this over these next few months
Hearts & Farts Forevah

Reach for the Sky!

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