Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Hellogiggles & Gallery 1988

Gallery1988 Melrose & Hellogiggles present YOUNG ADULT ! Opening Saturday, Feb 2 at Gallery 1988 Melrose located at 7020 Melrose Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90038 sooo if you are in the hood - Take a peek! These things are better in person I SWEARS! (I also have a piece in the iam8bit  Plush Week show opening the same night! See my previous post for details) 

I chose to work with Sweet Valley High - below is the image! That's right - to hell with sneak peeks.  This is the whole damn thing.  I hope you like it :)

Sweet Valley Ink - 8 x 10 in Acrylic on Wood Panel

If you want a little insight on it - READ THE BOOKS.  I am totally kidding.  I based this on the first 3 books where we just get to know the twins - one sweet and wholesome, the other impulsive, selfish, and naughty.  Jessica, the bad girl, is infatuated with a do-no-gooder spoiled rich boy named "Bruce".  Oh the teen drama of it all.  So what does any no-good girl do when she is desperately in love? That's right - get a TATTOO. Ribbons, roses, bows, and tiaras - oh my!

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