Monday, November 12, 2012

"Fall Into Frost" at My Plastic Heart

My "Fall Into Frost" work will be on display at My Plastic Heart with the talented Julie West - show opens Friday, November 16th 

Below are some images of drawings and paintings of "Fall Into Frost" - The paintings up currently are the "Fall" paintings.  Images from "Frost" and more details to come SOON!


"Fall Into Frost" is a series of paintings and drawings.  Autumn to Winter is a brilliant and enigmatic change of season - at least for those of us who experience the 4 seasons.  The treetops and ground are covered in these tiny, quivering, prismatic carcasses. Deep greens explode into a golds, reds, and pinks. A last colorful burst before the world goes grey.  Animals scurry about to consume, save, and store for the coming months.  The wind begins to chill and blow and our breath becomes visible, vapors of escaping spirit.  It is a time of transition, a decent from the apex of a climb to life that began in spring. Blooms, blossoms, bulbs, sprouts, and seeds have all reached the end of their cycle and now begin to retreat into dormancy or death.   This transition from dynamism to oblivion, vibrant to bleached, the idea that instead of a slow decay, something can be it's most beautiful just before it's dust - these are the motivations behind "Fall Into Frost". The turn of phrase below inspired, and was inspired by, the works for this show. 

"Autumn wears her jewel tone mourning dress, 
visits the graveyards of leafy tombs
until grays and whites adopt the land,
and the earth lies in its winter womb;
the last vivid gasp before the frost." - m.d.

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