Wednesday, October 17, 2012



My Pandroid APs go on sale from my shop TOMORROW! Thursday October 18th 3pm EST/12pm Pacific.  Remember, I only have 10 so get on it!

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Because of the amount of info and images I'm about to post about the Pandroid AP's, I've decided to make it a separate blog entry from the NYCC entry.  For information regarding NYCC please visit the previous post. Basic information - 15-20 these will be available at the My Plastic Heart booth at NYCC. The rest will be available online in my soon-to-be bigcartel shop. Prices and details soon. There are ONLY 30 total so.. yeah. These will be blind box! Don't know what yer gonna get and not tellin' :P There are 15 with Jugs of Wine & Grapes, 8 with Pink Wabbits, and 7 with Purple Wabbits - Good luck!

My Pearly Pandroid Army!!! Armed with Pink and Purple Wabbits with Flocked Tails and Jugs of Wine with Handmade Glass Grapes - Look out world...

Pearly Pandroid! I've coated each of the AP's with a nice opalescent shimmer - he is a magical beast afterall


Everybodyalltogether - jugs up front!

Bunnies will be available in two variations - White & Pink or White & Purple (pictured here)

Pearly Pandroid AP with White & Pink Bunny

Pearly Pandroid AP with White & Purple Bunny

Pearly Pandroid with Jug of Wine & Bunch of Grapes! Yum...

The White & Pink Bunny has a lil' hand flocked pink tail

The White & Pink Bunny has a lil' hand flocked purple tail

This is the flower on each bunnies little island of sod

Jug of Wine & Bunch of Grapes! I hand-painted and glazed the jugs to look like stonewear and hand made each teeny tiny bunch of grapes! Painstaking process but I really like the results.  I believe these glass microbeads (also known as "glass caviar - ooo) will be appearing in my work again in the near future....

Nice shot to give you an idea of scale - tiny!

Making of - GRAPES!


Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

I bought this some days ago. When will it be shipped?

Thank you

koo said...

Hi I bought one last Friday, I also like to know when will it be shipped. I noticed the item still can be bought now, so I am not sure whether I bought it before sold out or not. I sent my paypal invoice to yesterday, no reply. Could you help me check? Thanks.