Monday, October 22, 2012

G1988 Video Game Themed Show

Last time for for G1988 's Video Game Theme Show I did "Dig Dug on the Mountain" seen here 
This year it's a little sculpt called "Kirby Unravels" !!

Below are some comps of Kirby's development - sketches and work in progress as well as a sneak peek at the final piece!  I'll post the  comp of the finished piece after the show opens on October 26th - in the meantime...

Sneak peek -"Kirby Unravels"

Sculpt beginnings - things change and evolve as you work.  So much different in 3D than 2D so you have to modify and adjust as you go.  Eventually I dropped the peeler tool entirely and the puking turned to tears.

Brain storming - from peeling to puking to a little bit of both!

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