Thursday, November 01, 2007


Well it's been TOO long....(again!!)

I've been busy these days sewing more than painting as of late and I'm gonna share here some of what I've been working on . I've got a bird, a funny bean, a jumping bean, and a fish (all from the Nanni Nanni and Boo Boo - No Punch Backs comics), a yummy-ghostie-bunny doll, and of course the old favs-voodoo plushies. goes it!

for those of you unfamiliar with the comics this is BooBoo and his soon-to-be-lost-love, the little mexican jumping bean beauty to remain nameless....

and once again from the comic - this is Nanni Nanni the burd and his lovely unrequited fishy lovin goodness, too sad of a tale to tell now, but they look happy here dont they?!

this is the Yummy Ghostie Bunny - I made some badges of him back in 2002ish and then decided to sew him a bit later. He was tough to make so for now he's a lonely one of a kind.

Voodoos to go! I think most of these have a buyer right now so this might be the last we see of them :(

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Andy J Smith illustration said...

Nice job! Good to hear they all found homes