Wednesday, June 26, 2013

15 Beats Mural in the Making

As I said in the previous post about the  15 Beats of My Plastic Heart at Bunnycutlet Gallery - I created an 8ft x 8ft mural to compliment the 15 beats theme.  Below are the pencil sketches, digital sketches, WIP shots and final mural shots that I promised!  Maybe I can get Bunncutlet to let me do murals for their upcoming "I HEART NEW DORK" or perhaps for "Too Art for TV 7"... Yay!

Now for the mural flicks!

Look at this crappy image! This is why I need a scanner :P A very loose sketch photographed with my 1st edition iPhone  anyway you get the idea....

I then brought that sketch into Illustrator and did a vector trace.  The original sketch being only somewhere around 5 x 5 inches and the final mural size being around 8 ft x 8 ft, I needed a medium I could expand without losing information. I did it in black and white first and then did a bunch of color studies.  This is the one I landed on.   
Montage! >Insert Cyndi Lauper song< No way I could have done this all without help from the lovely ladies of Bunnycutlet :)

Finished mural at entrance of Bunnycutlet Gallery
 And here's some super blown out & grainy detail shots :D I hope someone with a better camera got better flicks before this gets painted over!

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