Tuesday, September 25, 2012

MOO! Teaming up with MOO.com for a Giveaway!

My moo.com cards arrived and they are lovely! I'm very pleased.  The gloss coating on the postcards is like a rich candy lacquer - mmmm... I'm considering keeping a set of one image each for myself! Maybe putting them in an album to create a portfolio of sorts?! Below are some images of my order - It's a shame the gloss can't translate in a photo but just look at that packaging - good stuff ;)

Hey Guys! I just placed my order with Moo.com for a bunch of postcards and minicards to hand out at NYCC. I'm super excited because Moo allows you to have as many different designs as you want per order! So I get to show of tons of my stuff on my Moo cards instead of having to choose just one image - which is great for me and my epic indecisiveness ;)

But wait - it gets better! The great folks at Moo.com have allowed me to offer a giveaway of some awesome Moo products to you! Try Holiday Cards, Business Cards, or (my favorite) mini moo cards! I'll be updating on here, instagram, and twitter (@nopunchbacks) with more details.
Get ready to get your Moo on...

Empty Moo?! That just won't do!
 My new mini cards come soon - I'm pretty excited :)

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