Thursday, August 16, 2012

September Show at OhNo!Doom

September 1st - Oct 11 -  OhNo!Doom, Chicago is host to a show that includes the work of myself, Teagan White, and Tiny Kitten Teeth .

My contribution to the show will be a collection of drawings and small paintings  (not unlike the "Tiny Paintings" series created for Too Art 4 TV 5 in March 2011) It includes 2 sets of paintings - one series of 13 and one series of 8. Then a series of 10 framed pencil drawings.  Below is what the sets look like all hung together in their proper configuration.  As you can see, while they can exist on their own of course, the pieces are somewhat of a color puzzle and relate to each other through the organization of the palette as a whole.  See all the work in its entirety here: and purchase work from the OhNo!Doom site here:

Thanks for coming along for this ride! Next up - November 9th Too Art for TV 6 and November 16th at My Plastic Heart with Julie West - stay tuned!

Series One

Series 2

4 x 6 in pencil on paper - "Spitting Pearls"
Series one - 6 x 9 in acrylic on wood panel - "I've Come Undone"

3.5 X 5 in pencil on paper - "Don't be coy"

Series one - 6 x 9 in acrylic on wood panel - "Hindsight"

Series Two, Image 6, "Self Soothing"

Series Three, Image 2, "Black Tears"

Series One, Image Four - "Goodbye Bunny"

Series Three, Image One - "Black Hands"

This is from the second series of paintings - "The Locket" Series 2, Image 3 - 9x7 inches

This is a sketch for the third series of paintings which I probably won't have a chance to complete before the September Show :( It's based on a lovely African succulent plant nicknamed "Baby Toes" - How cute is THAT?!

Set 1, Image 1 4x4 inches Acrylic on Wood Panel

Monster Sketch for Series 3 OR for Drawing only series

This lil guy is a "Cloudeater" omnom... (4x5in Acrylic on Wood)

(Sketch for the painting below Set 1, Image 8)

Set 1, Painting 8 - Acrylic on Wood Panel 7 x 8 inches

Sketch for Set 1, Painting 7 - Pencil on Vellum 7 x 5 inches

Set 1, Image 6 - 4 x 4 inches Acrylic on Wood Panel


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