Thursday, December 01, 2011

"downtime" doodling - while i procrastinate for other shows...

I'm gearing up to finalize a design for the Android Series 3 vinyl toys ( see Series 2 here: , putting together a piece or two for the My Plastic Heart "New Moon" show coming up in January (as it gets closer to the date you'll be able to find out more here ), and then I'll be working my tail off for my joint show with the awesome Andrew Bell at Stranger Factory coming 2012! Bzzy! I'll be posting about those as I get around to them but in the meantime - here's a little selection of doodles pulled from my sketchbooks. Yay!

"pew! pew! pew!"

"I am licking your face."
"NO. I am licking YOUR face!"

"i feel fat today..."

"anything you can do, i can do better."

"Float away with me."

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