Wednesday, April 18, 2007


So either you're here by sheer accident or you've been spammed by me in the past 24 hours. Sorry for not updating the blog BEFORE doing the promotions - I've never been much good with the linear thinking...ANYWAY - here's a double dose, the flyers with the info again. Also below I've posted a sneak peek at my Zlik design for Friday April 20th at MyPlasticHeart. I'll post images of the whole thing after the opening - don't want to spoil the suprise!

The MyPlasticHeart store is an awesome little spot off of Houston in New York. It's VERY SMALL. For those of you who hope to attend be aware that it's a tiny space and that most of the room is for the Zliks!! If you suffer from a little claustrophobia, feel free to visit on a non-opening day! There's plenty of other great toys there to gawk at.

And here's the Zlik peek-a-boo....

and he comes with...da da DAAAAAA......GHOSTIEWERMS! plus lots of other fun stuff :)


Brian said...

crazy look'n*****

XOXO )))))

Luke Tokaryk said...

Those little dudes would make for a great desk addition, you said they come w/ Zlik only?

kdenato said...

Hi Luke -
Not sure how old your post is but for now they are just little handmade ghostieworms are for the Zlik Shaman. In the future I'd like to produce more of these guys to sell. Why? You want one? Let me know!