Friday, March 09, 2007

Gimme Shelter Show

Update 03.14.07

Here we go! I found some pics of my stoof on the wall (not that you cant just check out my previous post but this makes it more official) I've also posted some of the pics I took at the show on flickr for all to see :) Check HERE

(I tried to adjust this a little in ol' photoshop. The gallery was well lit for art, not so much for pics!)

So I'm finally posting again. Clearly I'm not terribly good at keeping this current but I'll do my best. The first post on here was about some works created on cardboard for a show called Gimme Shelter, meant to raise money through auction for homeless shelters.

There are pics posted on their site from the Brooklyn show - to see click HERE

Below are some of my own pics. Thanks to Andrew Bell for hanging my work so nicely and all together - aww.... Uhm except that I dont have pics of my own stuff hanging! I'll have to put that up (pretty embaressing.....)

Thank you Dan and Sonya and Ben (who is outta frame) for coming and showing your support!

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