Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Tee Shirt Designs

(posted 8/29/06 - This one's for Dagan's post.....I <3 My Blazers.....)

So these are the rough sketches and vectors for some Ghostie tee shirt designs i've been toying with. They were originally for the Mojizu T-shirt contest but I sorta missed that deadline, now I'm thinking of submitting them to www.Threadless.com or maybe making a few for the next comic expo I do...we will see....

Remeber these are ROUGHS! I'll post the finished full color ones as I finish them :)

This first image is a scan of my teenee tinee sketches I did while riding the train back to Brooklyn. They are on the back of an email printout from GimmeShelter (I think you can kinda see through it)

These next few are my outlines in vector. Next steps, line quality and COLOR!

This is the Ghostie Boa - he's none to happy about it but he'll look fabulous with pumps or dunks.

This one incorporates the VooDoo Plushies I make. His little Ghostie soul has escaped through poor stitching. Not saying much for me since I hand sew the dolls - damn.

Uhm...My niece loves to blow bubbles. My dog likes to eat them. Poor dead bubbles.

This is the Ghostie Dead Meat shirt.


Dagan Moriarty said...

i agree! :)
ALL would be sick with a pair of 'SB's!!!

Mary Varn said...

Yay you have blog! So.... when can I buy a tee? I'm serious! Get these in production! I want one NOW. Tomorrow might be okay though.

TrunkMonkey said...

Hey you haven't missed the mojizu deadline. There is really no deadline, the contest will go on..we just time it every week.. I love the concepts and would love to see it there.
Talk soon,
Ali Sabet, Founder

kdenato said...

Hey all - thanks for the comments!
Dagan I've posted a little something for you :)
Mary - I'll get on that right away!
Ali - thank you so much for the heads up. I didn't realize it was weekly. I'll be posting these up there soon!